Best energy deals in the Netherlands

Overstappen is providing you the best energy deals of the Netherlands.

How does it work?

  • The deals are presented underneath and are based on your personal settings.
  • The best deals are based on comparing the utility providers in the Netherlands.

In case you want your specific situation matched, the following steps are needed.

  • Filling in the details:
    • Set ZIP code: your ZIP code (Dutch ‘Postcode’ is 4 digits and 2 letters, e.g. 1234 NL)
    • Set house number: your house number (Dutch ‘Huisnr’)
    • Set electricity usage: your electricity usage (Dutch ‘Stroom’ in kWh)
    • Set gas usage: your gas usage (Dutch ‘Gas’ m3)
    • Set meter type: single tariff (Dutch “Enkele meter’)
  • Find the best deals: click VERGELIJKEN

An indication about the average energy consumption: 3.500 kWh (electricity) and 1.500 m3 (gas).

Note: in the end the yearly energy costs are based on the actual energy consumption. Therefore the indication can be a rough estimate.

Awareness of savings

Consumers checking their annual energy bills for accuracy are becoming more and more aware about the savings that can be made when switching energy suppliers. According to the Dutch regulator ACM, customers having a contract with variable tariffs could have made a saving of 452 euro if they had switched to the cheapest 1-year contract with fixed rates.

Energy comparison of electricity & gas